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Master Dealer of National Marine Electronics Association
Concord Marine Electronics- Dealer for Yacht Controller

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Concord Marine Electronics is a dealer for Yacht Controller, a revolutionary new remote control system for controlling the propulsion, thrusters and winches aboard a yacht with a wireless controller.

The Yacht Controller allows effortless docking and maneuvering while moving about the yacht assuring the best visibilty as well as control. The Yacht Controller system is installed in line with a yacht's electronic controls, but does not interfere with normal helm station actions. Thus, a captain can always return to the helm station as a back up.

Please see the videos, testimonials and FAQ below for more information. Contact Us at Concord Marine Electronics for consultation to install a Yacht Controller system onboard your yacht.
Yacht Controller FAQ

Ocean Alexander 90
The Yacht Controller provides incredible flexibility to the operation of our 90 foot Ocean Alexander. My yacht’s particular installation provides complete remote control of the bow and stern thruster as well as each main engine in idle forward or reverse.
As an owner operator especially, the Yacht Controller allows me to single handedly dock and undock my yacht easily without assistance onboard or dockside. With the range of the Yacht Controller I will hold or maneuver my yacht alongside a dock while working on the dock securing and letting go the lines myself.
And, while setting and retrieving the anchor, the Yacht Controller allows me to maneuver my yacht from the bow while observing firsthand the lead of the anchor chain. Whether a yacht is manned by an owner or a profession crew, the Yacht Controller is a very worthwhile asset to its operation.
Jeff H.

Lazzara 84
I purchased my first Yacht Controller 3 years ago for my 75ft Viking Sport Cruiser. The controller was a big help in docking the boat. I have a full time captain, but I enjoy docking the boat myself.
When I purchased my new 84 ft. Lazzara, I insisted that a Yacht Controller be installed. As boats become longer and wider, the ability to move around for better visibility is very helpful, most important is my confidence in the reliability of your product.
Fank M.

Lazzara 76
I have had absolute satisfaction with my handheld yacht controller. I own and operate a 76' Lazzara by myself. I have zero crew. I have owned my yacht controller for over three years and did operate the boat prior to owning the controller.
Prior to the controller it was a requirement to have a trained mate for every docking situation talking to me on head sets and guiding me on distances, etc. I am now able to dock in every situation including backing into a slip stern to with no assistance. This has greatly improved the usability of this boat.
I would not be without the controller. Reliability of the controller has been excellent. I travel from Florida to the Great Lakes each spring and fall and negotiate in excess of 100 locks per season on the Erie and Well and Canal. The controller is a great aid in entering, tying up and exiting these locks. As I travel and dock on a nightly basis there is always amazement from dock hands and other boat owners in seeing my ease in docking. Keep up the good work and best wishes for continued success.
Gary M.

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